Timang Beach in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

Those who ever visited Gunung Kidul Regency may have heard about Timang Beach. This beautiful tourist site these days is known among foreigners, as well. What is the reason? The crews of Korea’s Running Man ever came to this place along with their two famous comedians (Kwang Soo and So Min). The location is on a highland, so it takes some efforts to get there. Also, the route is both challenging and uneven. Even tourists need to use a jeep service in order to get to the location. For the information, the beach is located in Purwodadi Village and it belongs to Tepus Sub-District.

The Nuance
Unlike regular beaches with their sandy shoreline, Timang Beach doesn’t have any. Instead, tourists may find big coral reefs and cliffs in that area. Plus, the waves look fierce and big! The most noticeable feature perhaps is the presence of a cable car that connects to Timang Island. The capacity is only one person, so everyone should queue in order to reach the island by it. Actually, the locals have been using it to hunt lobsters and other sea creatures on the island. These days, though, the cable car also attracts tourists!

Exploring Timang Beach
It is true that tourists can do many things in Timang Beach. The prime activity is definitely to ride the cable car. One thing, everyone should pay the fee first before riding it. As an alternative, they can simply stand on the cliff and watch the majestic sea scenery from above. The waves look great and the wind feels so strong up there. In order to get the best experience, in this case, it is recommended to carry a camera and perform photography.

The fact is Timang Beach consists of two areas. The first is located in the east, featuring a white sandy shoreline. It is not quite popular, though. Another area is located in the west and it comes with tall cliffs. Both the nuance and panorama are better here. No wonder, this spot lures more tourists than the other. Not to mention the cable car is located here. Thus, everyone should carry enough cash to pay for the service. The wind is quite strong and the gondola doesn’t look sophisticated, though. Only the brave ones would try to cross the sea by it.

The length of the cable car track is around 100 meters. It connects to Timang Island where more allures are located! Thus, everyone should not miss the chance to ride it later. After enjoying numerous activities, tourists can simply reach local eateries and buy some lobsters! The taste is great and the price is cheaper than other places!

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How to Get There
It is easy to get to Timang Beach. The first destination is Yogyakarta City and it can be done fast by airplane. From Jakarta City, in this case, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Adisucipto Airport may take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. From the airport, the next destination is Gunung Kidul Regency and tourists can take Nasional III Street. For the information, this trip would take around 1 hour and 9 minutes, as the distance is 44.8 km. Next, they should take Pantai Selatan Jawa Street and head to Timang Beach at Purwodadi Village. The distance is 25.6 km, so the trip would take around 58 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Radika Inn

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