Gunung Ireng in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

For the next holiday, it is recommended to visit Gunung Kidul Regency in Yogyakarta Special Region. This beautiful region hides several attractive natural attractions. Those who love an adventure and hiking, in this case, should visit the famous Ireng Mountain. The locals usually call it Gunung Ireng and it is located in Patuk Sub-District. Tourists only need to park their vehicle at Pengok Village and conduct trekking to the top of the mountain, actually. For the information, Ireng belongs to the formation of Gunung Sewu Hills. Thus, it becomes a nice alternative to enjoy trekking, sightseeing, photography, and relaxation.

The Nuance
Like its nearby hills and highlands, Gunung Ireng is known for its rejuvenating air. The trekking route is considered easy, as well, so it is suitable for beginners or those who never conduct hiking before. In the morning, tourists may see a foggy panorama, too. Plus, once arriving at the top of the mountain, they can witness a mesmerizing sunrise with its warm ambiance. As for the landscape, the mountain consists of several features including limestone, grasses, and bushes. Only several trees grow on it, so it is not recommended to visit it at noon due to the heat of the sun.

Exploring Gunung Ireng
So, what are Gunung Ireng’s allures? The first motive to visit the mountain is indeed to enjoy trekking or hiking. People take advantage of the easy and casual route to enjoy the activity, after all. That means trekkers won’t spend much stamina and undergo difficulties when heading to the top of the mountain. After reaching the summit, wonderful panoramas welcome them. The most noticeable one is the local villages and farms that can be seen clearly up there. Somehow, the view is similar to that of Nglanggeran Mountain.

Aside from trekking and photography, people usually come to Gunung Ireng for photography. They use either a digital camera or smartphone in order to capture good photos up there. However, everyone should find the right spot and moment for the best pictures. For instance, tourists can visit the mountain either early in the morning or late afternoon. The purpose is to take photos of either the sunrise or sunset!

According to the locals, the most crowded time is in the dusk. Both the locals and tourists choose that moment for watching the romantic sunset, after all. Before watching this sun view, visitors usually explore the nearby village and gather information or history related to the mountain! For example, in terms of name, “Ireng” means black. The locals gave the name due to the presence of black rocks and stones that scatter from the east to the west part of the mountain. Actually, there is another name, which is Gunung Botak. “Botak” means bald. It is because trees are scarce up there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jelok Village
  • Prahon Tirta
  • Watu Gateng
  • Penthuk Senthong

How to Get There
Tourists have a different preference in order to reach the Yogyakarta Special Region. For outsiders, the best choice would be an airplane. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Adisucipto Airport may take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. After arriving at Yogyakarta, tourists should take Nasional III Street and head to Gunung Kidul Regency. The distance is 44.8 km, so the trip may take about 1 hour and 9 minutes. From Gunung Kidul, the next destination is Pengok Village where Gunung Ireng resides. This trip, the trip may take around 48 minutes, as the distance is 28.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Bukit Indah Hotel
  • Kopilimo Homestay
  • The Giant Frog Cabin

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