Sanglen Beach in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

Sanglen Beach has become one of the best choices to spend a family recreation during holidays, especially for those who live in Gunung Kidul Regency. Some tourists and outsiders are also interested to visit it, somehow. Thanks to the beauty and serenity. As for the location, the beach resides in Kemadang Village and belongs to Tanjungsari Sub-District. The location is near to Watu Kodok Beach, so visitors can enjoy two beaches during the same day. The only consideration is related to the route, which is considered secluded. That means first-timers should ask villagers or the locals regarding the direction later.

The Nuance
The beauty is unspoiled and the environment is clean. These two aspects become Sanglen Beach’s prime allures! The sea scenery looks amazing, too! Many Pandan and Pine trees also reside in some parts of the shoreline! As for the waves, they are indeed big (representing the waves of the southern sea). Next, it is related to the shoreline, which features a soft-textured sandy landscape. What about the nuance? Well, the beach is considered peaceful due to the low number of visitors. Also, not many facilities can be found. Visitors can only find small eateries there.

Exploring Sanglen Beach
The first allure that tourists can enjoy in Sanglen Beach is definitely the serenity. It feels like spending a vacation on a private beach in fact! Not to mention the number of visitors is not as many as its neighboring beach (Watu Kodok). Thus, visitors can enjoy relaxation and get rid of stresses instantly. Aside from the peaceful atmosphere, the beach also offers a clean environment. In fact, no trash can be seen there. This helps tourists to enjoy relaxation in a better way, for sure.

The next thing that tourists can enjoy in Sanglen Beach is indeed the beautiful sea scenery. Next, tourists can enjoy the formation of pine and pandan trees on the shoreline. The size of these trees is not quite big, though. So, it is likely tourists won’t be able to avoid the heat of the sun when exploring the beach at noon. This explains why most people come to the beach either in the morning or afternoon when the nuance is soother.

The only disappointment is that tourists are not allowed to swim in the sea. The big and unpredictable waves are quite dangerous for swimming or doing other water activities, after all. Instead, it is recommended to do casual activities like beach walking, relaxation, and photography. Later, before going home, it is also recommended to drop by in Watu Kodok Beach. The location is quite near, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
First things come first. Tourists who come from Jakarta City should take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Adisucipto Airport (Yogyakarta City) right away. This flight usually takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once arriving at the airport, the next destination is Gunung Kidul Regency. They only need to take Nasional III Street and spend a trip for about 1 hour and 9 minutes. The distance is 44.8 km, after all. Next, they should take Baron Street and head to Sanglen Beach immediately. The distance is 23.9 km, so this trip takes about 45 minutes or more depending on the traffic.

Where to Stay

  • Winahyo Resort

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