Green Village Gedangsari in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

Aside from beaches and highlands, Gunung Kidul Regency of DIY Province indeed has other charms. For instance, visitors can explore beautiful rural villages and spend a casual vacation there. Here is the reference. The name is Green Village Gedangsari and it is chosen a nice place for relaxation, sightseeing, and meeting locals. As the name suggests, it is located in Mertelu Gedangsari Village! It is true that most visitors want to enjoy nature when exploring the village. However, some people choose this location to learn the history, as well. Here is further information.

The Nuance
For the information, Green Village is located in the border between Klaten and Gunung Kidul Regency. Not to mention it resides on the highland, featuring both comfy and refreshing air. At night, the sparkling lights can be seen clearly from up there. Those are the lights of buildings located in Klaten City, actually. During the bright day, on the other hand, visitors may see beautiful panoramas including hills and lush green trees. In the afternoon, the romantic sunset appears and the site offers a soother nuance to visitors. Here is the fact, The site has several facilities for tourists to use, as well, including gazebos and resting places.

Exploring Green Village Gedangsari
The first thing to enjoy in Green Village Gedangsari is related to history. Visitors can talk to locals or people who live in that area regarding the history later. According to villagers, Green Village Gedangsari was built by local farmers who live in that site. Fortunately, the local government also took part in the construction. The prime purpose was to increase the village’s economy. Actually, further information is available to learn during the visit later. Thus, everyone should approach villagers once arriving at the site.

The next thing to enjoy while exploring Green Village Gedangsari is definitely the trekking experience. In order to reach the site, it takes a challenging route, after all. The fact is the route is considered narrow. The unique part is that it features a bridge-like path that connects a hill to another! On this area, tourists usually enjoy photography and sightseeing. No wonder, Green Village starts attracting those who love adventure and hiking.

As mentioned earlier, Green Village Gedangsari has some gazebos up there. Thus, visitors should take advantage of the facility to enjoy relaxation or other relaxing activities. It is even allowed to carry foods and conduct eating together! The only consideration is related to the environment. That means everyone should take care of the trash and avoid littering at all cost. Later, before going down, it is recommended to wait for the sunset to appear in the afternoon! The nuance becomes soother at the time.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The first destination is definitely Yogyakarta City and outsiders can get there fast by airplane. For instance, a flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Adisucipto Airport would take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. After arriving at Yogyakarta, tourists can simply take Nasional III Street and head to Gunung Kidul Regency right away. The distance is 44.8 km, so this trip would take around 1 hour and 9 minutes. From Gunung Kidul, the next destination is Mertelu Gedangsari Village using the same route. This trip may take around 2 hours, as the distance is 71.7 km.

Where to Stay

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  • The Giant Frog

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