Wera Tourism Park

Wera Park is one of the famous tourist attractions Central Sulawesi, in the form of waterfall and genuine small forest; administratively, this place is located in Balumpewa Village, Dolo District, Sigi Regency. If you want to visit this park is easy because there is a paved road that connects the city of Palu with villages around the site, such as the Balumpewa Village that takes about 1 km from the highway. From Palu city to Balumpewa village that has distance about 19 km, is can be reached by public transportation or rented one for about 45 minutes. Furthermore, from the Balumpewa village to the waterfall that reach within 2 km, is can be done by walking.

Wera Park is mostly a hilly area and has slopes to steep topography, with a slope around 60% to 95%. There is a narrow valley and becomes the flow of Wera River and lies in flat location and settled in the bottom and Balumpewa village, with the height of the surface sea around 150 m - 800 m above sea level. Moreover, there is also Montokole Hot Springs, around 2 km to the South of Wera Park.

If you give visit to this Park, then you can enjoy the cool air while enjoying the beauty of waterfalls that gush from the cliff. Wera waterfall has a height about 80 m with a slope that falls between 70 ° - 80 °, this situation will be more enchanting and it presents a beautiful view.

In this park, you can also see a diversity of flora and fauna that live in the park, the flora we can find is walnut / ntoli (canarium aspermun), bintangur (Callophylum sp.), Lebanu ( nauclea sp.), banyan (ficus benyamina), lei (palagulum javanicum), as well as some epiphytic plants, such as orchids, and nest ferns (Asplenium nidus). Meanwhile, types of animals that can be found in the Park is relatively few, only some species of mammals, aves and insects among other things: the black monkey Sulawesi (Macaca tonkeana), Kus-kus (Phalanger ursinus), Tarsier (Tarsius spectrum), Bird cassowary, Crow (Aceros cassidix), jungle fowl (Gallus-gallus) and several species of butterflies are settled here.

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