Batu Daka Island

Batudaka Island is settled in the south of Togean Islands. This island has meaning as big stone. At Batudaka, there are 19 villages and one of them is Kulingkinari Village and Wakai Village. Administratively, this island is part of Unauna district and the biggest island in Togean archipelago, as well as the easiest island to be reached. Batudaka has geographic contour that hilly and there are high plantations that live around the island. Moreover, there is an area of mangrove forest within the island that also enchanting to be visited.

The sparkling water at this island is enable us to see the underwater plantation and see the exotic coral reef, while enjoying the find white sand along the coast and the shady nuance from the line up coconut trees.

There will be a lot of uniqueness that can be found at this island, one of them is Bomba Village. At this place, we can learn about Togean people in their tradition and getting to know more about Bajo people, the famous boat men tribe in Indonesia. The majority of people in Batudaka Island are Bajo tribe and the using Bajo language and Bahasa Indonesia.

On the coastal area in Batudaka Island, we can find some of little stage houses that made from board to stay the tourists that visit this island, just like the bungalow. The westernmost island of Batudaka is home to the main port town of Wakai. At its western end lies Bomba, near where you'll find two resorts, budget-focused Poya Lisa (actually on Pulau Poya, a tiny islet just off the west coast of the island) and Island Retreat on the main island; the resorts are within eyesight of each other.

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