Pusat Laut Donggala

Pusat Laut Donggala is one of favorite destination Central Sulawesi. The name of Pusat Laut means the sea center. This place is located in Simbe hamlet, Limboro Village, Donggala, Central Banawa District, Donggala, Central Sulawesi province. The distance is about 45 kilometers from the city of Palu. Sea Center Donggala is in the part area of Tanjung Karang Beach, one famous beach that crowdly visited by tourists. The place is about 500 meters from Pantai Tanjung Karang.

Sea Center Donggala is in the form of a giant well with a diameter about ten meters and has a depth for about seven meters. The well is formed naturally and has carving rocks. The water inside the well is sparkling blue, very clear and taste salty as seawater. Uniquely, the water in the well is never be turbid although there are many people jump inside it for swimming or diving.

Moreover, the water inside the well will tide when the sea water is receding and will recede when the seawater is in high tide. The local community also believes that the water here can cure all kinds of diseases. Hence, there are many visitors who bring the water home as souvenirs. Commonly, they ask local children for help to swim and to fetch water, and they will give those children fair wages.

You can also jump in and swim in this place, but better if you are expert swimming, considering that it has unusual depth. In addition, do not forget to enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Karang beach that is located not far from Pusat Laut Donggala. The facilities around Pusat Laut and surrounding are already quite complete because it is managed well by the government. There are also several lodging and places to eat at this location.

This place is quite easy to reach. It lies in Tanjung Karang Coast Donggala region. The distance is about 45 kilometers north of downtown Palu. It can be reached by private vehicle. It might take about 45 minutes. Just follow the directions that being seen on the board to Tanjung Karang Beach Donggala locations. From this beach, the location of Pusat Laut is very near.

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