Central Sulawesi Museum

Central Sulawesi state museum is located in Palu. At this place, we can see the collection of ancient elephant and the way of local people gathering and making clothes from animal skin. One of the most effective ways to get to know the history and culture of a community in one area is to visit the local museum. The Museum of Central Sulawesi is located in the center of Palu.

Central Sulawesi Museum is located at Jalan Kemiri No. 23, Kamonji Village, West Palu subdistrict, Palu, Central Sulawesi province. Central Sulawesi Museum has collection of relic history and culture Central Sulawesi people.

Central Sulawesi Museum was built in 1977 and it inaugurated in 1987. Central Sulawesi Museum has a collection of about 7455 pieces. Among those collections, the five (5) of which is include the excellent collection, namely Donggala woven, bark clothing, Palindo sculpture that depicting the ancestors community from Bada Valley; taingaja or buffalo head sculpture that made of bronze, as well as the fossil of an ancient elephant jaw (stegodons ) which was estimated to be 1.9 million years old.

Central Sulawesi Museum is reasonably accessible because it is located in the city center and adjacent to the Manonda Presidential Market. If you are in the city of Palu, you can use public transportation via Jalan Sis Al Djufrie (from the east) or through Jalan WR. Supratman from the west. Central Sulawesi Museum has various supporting facilities, such as parking lots, parks, and libraries. For general facilities, such as hotels, food stalls, restaurants and shopping centers are can be found easily around the museum.

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