Saluopo Waterfall

Saluopo Waterfall is one of destinations in Central Sulawesi that quite famous by local people because of the tremendous nature. Saluopo waterfall is also popular by the name of Air Luncur Saluopo. Air luncur means water sliding, this taken from the stream that coming from the water source from local Mountain, the water is very clean and it extremely slide from the peak of the mountain, for about 25 meter high.

Other interesting point from this waterfall is it has 12 stairs of water fall, and each stair has small pool and rocky steps that can be hike by the visitors. Do not worry about the step because it save and un-steepy.

The water in the waterfall is very clean and clear, so we can see the bottom rocks under the water. The enchanting nuance over the steps in each water stairs is also can be the perfect background for taking some picture. If we are lucky, we can see the rainbow that coming from the the light intimating the water.

Saluopo waterfall is located in Tonusu village, Pamona Utara district, Poso or about 12 Kilometer to the west of Tentena city. It can be reach around 54 km to southeast Poso. We can use public transportation or private vehicles to reach this location. After arrive in the location, we can continue to walk for about 500 meter. The tiredness will be paid by the beauty around the waterfall.

Do not forget to stay honor the nature, by not doing something harm to the tress, to the water and the environment surrounding.

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