Lakea Beach

One of the famous sights in Buol is Lakea beach located in Lakea village, Buol district. The beach is very beautiful with a distinctive landmark, that is the layered rocks that looks like biscuits, so that local people called it as stacking rocks or Batu Susun.

Lakea beach area is still rarely touched and the beauty is still awake. The beauty of the sunrise or sunset is always interesting and fascinating to be enjoyed at this beach.

It is located about 30 km from Buol town, Central Sulawesi. The visitors can reach it by two-wheeled vehicles and it can be reached within 1 hour. To route each Buol is can be done via some alternative; we can take airplane to Pogogul airport by using Merpati Air that serve once a week from Manado, Gorontalo or Palu. We can also reach Buol by sea, and we can reach one of four seaports in Buol; Leok, Paleleh, Kumaligon and Lokodidi as the biggest seaport in town.

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