Souraja Custom House

Souraja was the living home of the King that was reign in the local area in Central Sulawesi. This house is now become the traditional house in the region. The house is made of ironwood and Bayam wood with a wooden roof that has triangular shape. The existence of this house is usually a cultural tourism destination that proves that in this area was ruled by a king at ancient time. This custom home is also functioned as an administrative center of the kingdom. This development of Souraja home was the initiative of King Yodjokodi around 19 AD.

Souraja is a stage building using a construction made by wood and mix with the architecture of Bugis and kaili. The wide of this building for the entire area is 32x11,5 meters. The pole on the main building is about 28 pieces and there are 8 pieces at the kitchen. The roof is on triangular pyramid-shaped, the front and rear roof is covered with boards that decorated with carvings called panapiri and in front and back side of the end of the ridge there is crown called Bangko Bangko.

The building of Souraja is consisting of 4 parts, which is Gandaria (terrace), Lonta Karavana (front hall), Lonta Tantangan (center hall), Lonta Rarana (back hall) and there are accessories at each halls and rooms.

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