Pasoso Island

For those who love diving and snorkeling will be very familiar with the green turtle or Chelonia mydas in Latin language. Pasoso Island is the home for this animal. Pasoso Island is also known by locals as the green turtle island, because of the existence of these unique animal habitats. Pasoso Island is located in the district balaesang, Donggala and it mostly visited during September and November every year by those who want to see turtles lay their eggs.

The place is settled around 100 Km from Palu, and it can be reach by land and it continues by using boat for almost 3 hours.

The island offers the magnificent view of the ocean, beautiful beach, the tropical atmosphere and the exotic turtle’s habitats that climbed the shore to lay their eggs. Therefore, Pasoso Island is also known as Turtle Island. The sun that shining on the island throughout the day is guaranteed will satisfy you, so do not be surprised if there are a lot of foreigners love to do sunbathing here.

Pasoso is now been designated as a conservation area for sea turtle which has beautiful panoramic. Those who love snorkeling will discover the beauty of underwater that enchanted the sight. We can also enjoy a variety of local culture around the place. To go to Pasoso we can reach through multiple paths, but the main route is from Mapaga hamlet in Labean village, 108 KM north of Palu. Other is taken from Tanjung Karang; this path is the most popular route due to several tourism entrepreneurs in Tanjung Karang preparing a package trip to Pasoso Island by using boat observer and we can see the beautiful underwater panorama from it.

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