A Beautiful Hill That Always Makes You Miss Palu City

Palu City is the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. Geographically, Palu City is located on the plains of Palu valley and Palu bay so that its territory consists of five different landscapes such as mountains, valleys, rivers, bays, and oceans.

Palu city has a beautiful hill called Bukit Perindu. The beauty of this hill always makes you miss the view of Palu. Always longing, as if the paragraph became a story, a charmer of the heart. Formerly the Perindu Hill called Sofa Hill was in Tanah Runtuh area. Lately it is better known as Perindu Hill, for longing the beauty of Palu city.

The equator stretches past Palu city where the hottest temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius. The smell of barren land and dry, arid. The expanse of weeds is brownish yellow, grows Bukit Buluh Perindu looks like an interior. The right time to enjoy the beauty Palu city.

Twilight is an option to avoid the scorching sun, you will see the sun setting behind the mountain and the Gulf of Palu which is tilted inward, making the admiration of anyone who welcomes the evening with the beauty of this hill. Some visitors have a unique way of enjoying this sunset. They brought coffee-making equipment, so they could enjoy the natural beauty on the hill while enjoying the fragrant coffee.

Bukit Perindu area has become a new icon for the people of Palu city after the Tsunami and liquefaction natural disasters in 2018. Apart from Bukit Perindu, you can stop by the adjacent urban forest area, which is crowded with local and foreign tourists every afternoon. There are many trees typical of a large barren land.


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