Limbong Kamandang Waterfall in West Sulawesi, Beauty Like A Curtain of Rain

If you are visiting Polewali Mandar, it’s a good idea to play around at Limbong Kamandang Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Kurrak Village, Tapango District, Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi.
Departing 35 kilometers from Polewari Mandar City, Limbong Kamandang Waterfall stretches to offer its stunning natural charm.
The natural panorama in this area is very beautiful and natural. The cool air, the shade of the trees, is even more beautiful with the waterfall curtain that rises about 100 meters high.
The beauty of Limbong Kamandang Waterfall can be seen very clearly from the top of the bridge under which the river flows with the flow of the waterfall. To enjoy Limbong Kamandang more closely then you have to walk for a while with a short distance from the bridge.
From a height of 100 meters, a waterfall rushes down the rocks, passing through the basin to become an attractive tourist vehicle for every tourist who visits.
No wonder many tourists take advantage of the swift flow of water in Limbong Kamandang by bathing together under the splash of a fresh waterfall.
Soak in peace. often become things that are done by visitors.
There is something unique about Limbong Kamandang as if it has two main water sources with a tree trunk that stands almost straight. The natural atmosphere is still virgin, making Limbong Kamandang Waterfall tour very suitable to be visited.

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