Exploring the Life of Toba Batak Tribe in Huta Tinggi Tourism Village

Lake Toba not only offers natural tourism, but also cultural tourism. One of the cultural attractions that can be visited is Huta Tinggi Village on Samosir Island, North Sumatra. This village offers tour packages with the life of the Batak people theme who live in the area. If you choose the tour package, visitors will participate in various local community activities, from milking buffalo, to enjoying the view of the lake on the hill.

Playing Musical Instruments
Huta Tinggi Village visitors will be greeted by the strains of traditional Batak music played by youths villager. Not only enjoying traditional music, visitors can also learn to play these musical instruments.

Milking and processing buffalo milk
Huta Tinggi village is famous for buffalo. Visitors will find these four-legged animals in almost every corner of the village. Buffalo is the icon of Huta Tinggi village. The first interesting thing here is milking the buffalo. Tourists will be invited to milk the resident’s buffalo. They will be accompanied by the owner of the buffalo throughout the process to keep them safe. The process of milking buffalo milk is better done in the morning. Buffaloes usually produce more milk if the milking is done at 06.00 – 07.00 am. Six to seven in the morning is the right time to get the best results before the buffaloes give their milk to their children. The milk that has been milked will then be processed into dali ni horbo, a special meal of Batak Toba. The preparation is like cheese eaten with white rice. Tourists can also participate in the processing of this buffalo milk.

Picking coffee cherries and peeling corn
Huta Tinggi village has a coffee plantation area managed by the local community. Tourists can try to harvest coffee cherries directly from the tree. Meanwhile, the coffee garden area is located not far from the inn in Huta Tinggi. Not only coffee trees, visitors can also see candlenut trees in the same location. Tourists can participate in peeling the residents’ corn. This activity was carried out together with the residents of Huta Tinggi Village.


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