Karampuang Island Tourism in Mamuju

Karampuang Island is a beautiful island located in Karampuang Village, Mamuju District, Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi Province. By boarding the ship as the only means of transportation to Karampuang Island from the port of Mamuju, visitors can already enjoy the beauty of island which is also known as the crocodile island by the local community because of its shape similar to the reptile when viewed from above. Even though ships are the only access to go to Karampuang Island, activities from Mamuju city to Karampuang Island have never been lonely. Only by taking about twenty minutes, visitors will immediately arrive at the island whose name means moon in Indonesian.

The area of Karampuang Island is 6.37 km2 with a population of 2,937 people. Visitors to Karampuang Island will be welcomed with a wooden pier from Ujung Bulo Harbor that juts into the sea for about 500 meters. From the pier which is also a landmark of this island, the underwater scenery of Karampuang Island can already be seen clearly. Diversity of coral reefs ranging from soft corals to hard corals tempt all eyes that see it to throw themselves into the water to see collection of coral reefs up close. Karampuang Island itself does have considerable tourism potential that can be explored from its underwater beauty. For lovers of snorkeling or diving, Returning to Karampuang is a must-visit destination when visiting Mamuju. In addition to the diversity of coral reefs, the underwater scenery of Karampuang Island is also enlivened by the presence of several types of marine fish such as clown fish and round-forked older fish or also known as bumphead fish.

To enjoy the underwater beauty of Karampuang Island, you don’t have to dive. Visitors can already enjoy it by snorkelling near the Ujung Bulo pier and several other places around Karampuang Island. Only with a depth of about two meters to four, the underwater beauty of island which was once called the Liutang Island can already be enjoyed by underwater lovers. On Karampuang Island itself there is a diving spot where there is a wall site that consists of a collection of coral reefs that resemble large walls that make the diving experience in this island different from other places. The diversity of marine life that is still maintained until now is clearly a tourism potential of Karampuang Island which can be explored further.

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