Tentena which located in back part of north Poso Lake is the wider village and more beautifully from Pendolo. This place encircled of hilly that grew by clove crop. When bloomy clove (finite June to November), clove tree will release clove interest fragrance. Tentena have accommodations facility and complete restaurants, but the beach in Tentena still beautiful compared to in Pendolo. The interesting location, which must be visited when you to reside in Tentena is bridge along 210 meters length that reside in back part to be north Poso Lake. Under the bridge, lake water rapidly flows to enter river to start the length journey towards to sea.

Tentena is famous with eel animal with length reach two meters. These animals live in lake base and a lot to exit follow the water current towards river. In the riparian there is Pamona Cave. Panorama near to this cave is enough beautirfull. Farther to the town, in roadway towards to Kolonodale there is Latea cave that contain of dead body bones that buried during in the past.

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