Sabang Tende Beach

Sabang Tende beach is known as one of the objects in Tolitoli, with beautiful scenery and fine white sand that stretching along the coast. Moreover, there are two exotic and charming Islands that complete the exotic nuance along the beach. To visit this attraction you can use land transportation for only about 15 minutes.

Sabang village beach has crystal clear sea water; shady trees by the beach and clear Mountain water that naturally flowing directly from the mountains. The mainstay of this beach is the existence of two islands that popular by the name of Sabang-Tende Island and Madda’aung Island. Both are very beautiful and exotic islands which can be a place for recreation and overnight fishing or camping. Sabang beach is almost has the same exotic impression with some of beach that we already know such as in Bali, Bangka Belitung and others in Indonesia.

The distance of both islands from the shoreline is only about 300 m and it can be reached by fisherman boat or if the tide is low, it can be reached by walking from the beach. Sabang Beach is also become an icon for Tolitoli City tourism that is expected to attract local tourists and foreign tourists to visit the place. Sabang Beach also offers coral reefs and rich fishes with various species that have the same exotic and beautiful with Bunaken in Manado. During the low tide you can walk to the island in front of Sabang Tende beach that known as Pulau Otut; the distance between the shoreline with the island is about 100 meters.

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