Peling Island in Banggai Archipelago

Kepulauan Banggai or Banggai archipelago is regency that belongs to Central Sulawesi and it settled in eastern part of Sulawesi. One of the famous islands in Banggai archipelago is Peling Island.

Not many people know the name of Peling Island. In fact, this pearl in the Banggai Islands saves an incredible natural charm. The transportation problem is still an obstacle to reach this small island, where it takes three hours, to find this place from Luwuk port, by takis Aldus boat. The Aldus is not too big. So, be ready to get jostle with other passengers while enjoying the splash of the sea water.

Peling Island, with an area of 2,340 square kilometers, is one of hundreds of islands in the Banggai Islands (Bangkep). The ocean view is incredible. The clear water and the palm trees that scattered everywhere is very stunning to be enjoyed. At this place, there is also a pool which is a sourced from springs. The view is still genuine and locals call it as Luwuk Panenteng spring, where the water is completely clear and it gives freshness.

To reach Banggai Islands, we need to use different types of transportation. When we start the journey by flight, the the trip begins with a flight from Soekarno-Hatta (Jakarta), or the airport Juanda (Surabaya) to the Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, from Makassar, it followed by flights to airport Bubung Luwuk by using Batavia Airlines. From Kota Luwuk, to achieve Banggai Islands we using transport "timber ships" that regularly operating every day. If you want to imagine, "timber ships" is almost the same as the timber ship carrying passengers to Thousand Islands from Muara Angke estuary to Tidung Island.

Actually, there are two alternatives to choose to make the trip To Banggai Islands, the first route: Jakarta-Makassar-Luwuk, second route: Jakarta-Luwuk Palu. The second route will take longer than the first one because the departed from Cengkareng Airport to Mutiara Airport in Palu by using Batavia Air without transit. Then from Palu to the capital of Banggai Luwuk is taken by road (bus / vehicle chartered). The distance of Palu - Luwuk is about 350 km. From Luwuk to Peleng Island by using ferry is can be done approximately 3-4 hours’ drive. While from Luwuk to Banggai Island by using wooden motor is taking between 8-12 hours.

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