Central Sulawesi Province

Settled on the heart of Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi become a very rich province in Indonesia for its culture regarding the 19 ethnic groups that live in that province with 22 languages taken from each ethnics. Nevertheless, Bahasa Indonesia is still the mother tongue to communicate with others. Beside the indigenous that live in Central Sulawesi, there are other immigrants from Bali, Java, East-Nusa Tenggara, West-Nusa Tenggara and other immigrants from Bugis, Makassar and Torajan ethnics.

At early begin, this province was the Government of the Kingdom which consists of 15 kingdoms under the leadership of some Kings, and had been known as Seven Kingdoms on the East and Eight Kingdoms on the West.

The capital of this province is Palu city. Palu is sits on Palu River at the head of a long, narrow bay. An Earthquake was happened in this city on January 24, 2005 with magnitude 6.2 Richter scale and become the national tragedy at that time. This city is consisting of 4 regencies apart, with some of tourism destinations that worth to be visit. Those tourism objects are, Dombu village, Lore Lindu national park, Lindu Lake Forest tourism object, Talise beach and some of historical site.

Agriculture is the main source of economic commodity in Central Sulawesi with rice as the main crop. While Coffee, coconut, cacao and cloves is a leading commercial crop of this area and the forest products are coming from rattan, several kinds of wood like Agatis, Ebony and Meranti.

Sulawesi is a unique border zone in the Asia Oceania region, where the flora and fauna are very different from the Flora and Fauna that commonly lives in Asia. This particular flora and fauna called as Wallacea for this theory was founded by Wallace, a British researcher who helped discover the theory of evolution with Darwin.

Type of animals from this island are, Anoa which is similar to Buffalo, Babirusa or babyrousa, one of pig family that has fang in their mouth, tertiary, a tonkena Sulawesi monkeys, possum marsupials and Maleo bird that lay the eggs on hot sand.

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