Wasaka Museum

Interested to know and learn the history of the struggle people of South Kalimantan? Come to the Museum Wasaka in H. Andir street, Kampung Kenanga, Ulu Sungai Jingah Village, Banjarmasin Utara Distruct of Banjarmasin. The museum is located on the banks of Martapura River, adjoining the bridge 17 Mei (Banua Anyar Bridge) that large, long and sturdy.

Wasaka itself derived from Waja Sampai Ka Putting that means incessant struggle to the death. That sentence is the slogan of the struggle people of South Kalimantan. Wasaka Museum was inaugurated on November 10, 1991, in the house of Banjar Bubungan Tinggi then converted from a residential into a museum. This is done as one of the traditional buildings conservation efforts.

There are approximately 400 artifacts on display in the museum, especially those related to the history of struggle people and the youth of South Kalimantan. Among others; a list of organizations that had fought against invaders like Lasykar Hasbullah headquartered in Martapura and Barisan Pemuda of the Republic Indonesia Kalimantan based in Banjarmasin.

There are also historical relics such as old-fashioned typewriter, camera, mirror, spear, sword, guns, mortars, and four chairs that supposedly was once used as a fighter of South Kalimantan deliberation. While the walls that surround the seats contain of pictures the first governor until now. Do not miss an ancient bicycle that said during the colonial era used to mail the letters to hide sheets in the bike that is not known by the colonial Dutch.

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