The Ancient Dance fo Radap Rahayu Dance

Radap Rahayu Dance

Radap Rahayu traditional dance is the original dance from South Kalimantan. This dance is telling about the angels that falling from the sky and brought the wisdom of goodness for the people on Earth. Hence, this traditional dance is having purpose to be the thanksgiving and prayer, in order to make everything done well.

Nowadays, this classic Banjar’s dance is used to welcome the guest of honor that presented in wedding ceremony. The dancers are exclusively brought by women dancers. The numbers of the dancers are about in odd numbers like 3,5,7 and so on. The dancers are wearing traditional cloths that symbolized particular function. The cloth is called as Baju Layang, and the hair accessory is called Kembang Bogam strands. While the scarf is symbolized the angel’s wing, while Cupu is the place of yellow rice and potpourri. The cupu jar is located on the left hand of the dancers and it is used to give bless.

After the vanish of Dwipa Kingdom, the existence of Radap Rahayu dance was disappear in times. Fortunately, after the struggle of National independence the artist named Kiayi Amir Hasan, in 1955 re-popularize the dance into the society. Radap Rahayu is now becomes the welcome dance in every ceremonial occasions in Banjar society.

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