Borneo Eco Trekking, Hulu Sungai Selatan – South Borneo


Borneo Eco Trekking is the leading tour operator in Borneo of Indonesia. It is home for highly motivated people of Borneo in adventure and concerning for potential attractions of the nature and culture of the mighty island.

However, they are great adventurers with zero accident experience. They have been boating their Borneo rivers, rafting their Borneo rapids, diving Borneo sea-beds, caving Borneo caves, trekking the Borneo jungles, hiking the Borneo hills, climbing Borneo mountains, and wandering Borneo wilderness tremendously. They dig further into the interior and interacting with the inlanders as brothers and sisters.

They can bring travelers to explore natural and cultural attractions of our region, including river boat tours on some of Borneo’s great rivers, white river rafting, diving on pristine coral reefs, exploring caves, trekking in virgin rainforest, hiking up mountains and wandering in the wilderness. They go further than other tour operators and enable you to encounter the hidden places and people of the island.

They specialize for traveling off the beaten tracks, exploring nature and culture, jungle trekking, wildlife and bird watching, staying in traditional longhouses, river cruising, diving and more.

For more info please contact:

Borneo Eco Trekking
Pakumpayan 26, RT.03 Angkinang, Hulu Sungai Selatan, South Borneo – Indonesia
Phone: +62-517-5516064
Fax: +62 517-5516064
Mobile: +62-813-495-45-994

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