Barito Kuala Regency

Barito Kuala regency is one among the 11 regencies / cities in South Kalimantan. With Marabahan as the capital, which is strategically located approximately in delta of Petak island which were caged two major rivers, Barito and Kapuas River which empties in Java Sea. In addition, hundreds of small rivers are meandering like a snake which become the source of its citizens livelihood. Barito Kuala itself has 16 districts and 194-122 villages.

Because it is kind of lowland area, then almost all districts in Barito Kuala growing forest Galam used as main building material. There is also purun plants as weaving main material, such as; mats, baskets and so on. Barito Kuala region has split by a large river that stretche from the south as the mouth of the river (Tabunganen districts) to the north (Kuripan District).

Administrative Boundaries:
North: Hulu Sungai Selatan and Tapin Regency
East: Banjar Regency and Banjarmasin City
South: Java Sea.
West: Kuala Kapuas Regency (Central Kalimantan Province)

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