Bajuin Waterfall

Bajuin waterfall is one of beautiful waterfalls that located in Pelaihari city, precisely lies on Meratus mountain slopes. It is located in Sei Bakar village, Pelaihari district, Tanah Laut regency of South Kalimantan.

Not far from Bajuin waterfall, there is Marmer Cave that can be reached approximately 30 minutes by walking. This cave is unique because there are many marble tiles that is usually used for home and forming the cave like a dome of the mosque. In the cave also contained the nocturnal life of bats. In this region there are 4 pieces waterfall with different heights. Waterfall I (nearest) is 25 meters, waterfall II is 17 meter, III (37 meters), and IV (18 meters).

To reach Bajuin waterfall is approximately 10 km from Pelaihari city (2.5 hours travel time), or about 75 km from the Banjarmasin city. The road to the waterfall is paved (until Sei Bakar village) and there are also walking trails. Along the way there are lots of big hills like a mountain. The green color looks beautiful combined with yellowing of the surrounding rice fields.

From the Banjarmasin city, before entering the Pelaihari City, Swan Round will be found. Take the road to the left and go straight until the 3 intersections. Furthermore, take the straight path (every junction there are board instructions) to the Sei Bakar village.

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