Angsana Beach

Angsana Beach is tourist attraction located in South Kalimantan stores beauty marine life to be enjoyed. Angsana Becah has a very clear sea water and white sandy beach with calm waves as a destination worth visiting in South Kalimantan. But, the beach is not popular even though for the citizens of South Kalimantan.

Angsana Beach has a gently sloping and length sand. The waves are very beautiful. On the waterfront there are many lush trees which were relatively clean and organized. For visitors who want to stay overnight, there now stands a medium-sized hotel with cost about 400,000 IDR/ night. Here are also available a rental complete snorkeling equipment. To get to spot the reef that is 3.5 km from the beach, visitors can rent a boat which can be loaded with 10 people.

The main attraction at Angsana Beach is wealth of marine life. Including coral reefs in its various forms. The best spot for snorkeling and diving named spot Batu Anjir, Sungai Dua Laut and Karang Rima. Especially for spot Batu Anjir and Karang Kima, the location was about 30 minutes to the sea. Batu Anjir itself name once when first discovered, this reef snagged by a fishing boat. The fishermen gave a sign Anjir (wood/ bamboo) used to fishermen to drive the boat into the sea so not to run on the reefs. Therefore, up to now this reef is called by the name Karang Batu Anjir.

How to get there:
From Kilometer 6 terminal of Banjarmasin use public transportation route Pagatan (75,000 IDR), stop at the gateway go along use motorcycles to the beach (20,000 IDR). Or you can also rent a car (800,000 IDR/ day) including a car, driver and fuel.

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