Batu Hapu Cave

Batu Hapu located next to Binuang market precisely in Batu Hapu Village of Hatungun District can be reached 43 km from Rantau City and 154 km from Banjarmasin City. Normally Batu Hapu Cave from Binuang market as far as 16 km by road is good enough, reached by a leisurely stroll while enjoying view of rural life and natural feel of mountains for 30 minutes, the cave is situated in the hill so for you who loves challenge of rock climbing is where push guts, but own risk because it is not insured, the community around the cave ready to partner with visitors who want to spend overnight while enjoying food and rural community life.

Batu Hapu has a remarkable panorama that has graced the stalactite and stalagmite cave. The cave has gained a refinement and structuring by local government in respect of damage caused by human greed unscrupulous pursuit of profit economic without ingratitude towards others provided by nature. According to legend that until now as local community myths about the background of Batu Hapu Cave are Raden Penganten condemned by her mother Diang Ingsun into stone and shards between his ship into the mountains and caves that exist today.

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