Batakan Beach

The beach with sand and waves are safe as well as light colored blue of the water sea is indeed a beautiful beach. But it is more beautiful when we can enjoy the natural beauty before it gets to shore destination. The green hills and the view of paddy fields with the air in the surrounding hills to this beach is so natural.

Named Batakan Beach is located in Batakan Village, Panyipatan District, Tanah Laut (Tala) Regency, approximately 125 km to the eastern from Banjarmasin City, the capital of South Kalimantan. The location of Batakan Beach can be reached through Banjarmasin City, although there are many bends in the course, the tourists will not feel far to reach this beach. Due to the natural beauty make forget the mileage to get to the destination.

Not only enjoy the beauty Batakan Beach, the tourist can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains. Exactly on the east of Batakan Beach there are pine hills that are part of Meratus Mountains. The tourist can surround this beautiful beach using a rented horse and buggy. The rental is cheap enough, you can only pay 10,000 IDR/ person. In addition to the horse and buggy, tourists can also surround the beach as far as 2 km to rent a motor boat that are on the waterfront. If tourists want to know more about Batakan Beach, tourists can use the services of a tour guide with a very low cost of services.

The tourist can enjoy the beauty of Batakan Beach while relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Beside that you can play volleyball or just play around the beach. For tourists who loves sunbathing, the beach also available a special place for sunbathing. The tourists also can order a wide variety of processed drinks like juices, milkshake, ice fruit or others.

Such as the beach in general in Borneo, Batakan Beach provide several cottages for the visitors who want to stay overnight in Batakan Beach. The price was relative cheap only 150,000 IDR/ night. Beside that there are several facilities such as public toilets, place of worship, some lodgings, playground area and space parking area. In Batakan Beach there is also a religious tourist attraction named Datu Island. The island where Datu Pamulutan buried, a scholar or sunan spreader Islamic religion on Borneo Island. Datu Island can be reached by crossing the motorboat.

The island is very pleasant because of the panorama, the wide range of facilities, attractions, foods, drinks, and can be reached easily even by public transport from the city center. That's why the beach is not empty. Moreover, if on the weekend like Saturday and Sunday, the visitors come to Batakan Beach are very crowded.

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