Laras Temple

Candi Laras is a small temple site located in Candi Laras Selatan District of Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan. At the temple site was found pieces of the statue of Guru holds cupu, Lembu Nandini and Lingga. Everything is stored in Mangkurat Museum, Banjarbaru. According to history, the site of Laras Temple is the kingdom Hindu Shiva with the king named Raden Panji Sari Kaburangan. The site had lose due to floods and mud buried partly stolen.

In the area adjacent to this temple, which is in the watershed Amas also found a Buddha statue Dipangkara and written Pallawa script be related with Buddhism, reads "siddha" (more should read "jaya siddha yatra" means "pilgrimage gets thanks to"). Formerly, Laras Temple area around the site is an area of Negara Daha, it is estimated that the empire embraced Shiva-Buddhist religion.

Laras Temple archaeological sites have been built in 1300 AD by Jimutawahana, Hyang Dapunta descendants of the Srivijaya kingdom. Jimutawahana is expected to be the ancestors of citizens Tapin. When viewed at the establishment, Laras Temple actually older than the temple in Amuntai named Agung Temple which was established at the time of the royal government State Dipa, 1350 AD.

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