Takisung Beach

Takisung Beach is located in Takisung district to the west area of Tanah Laut regency. It is approximately 22 km from Pelaihari city or approximately 87 miles from the South Kalimantan capital of Banjarmasin. Although Takisung Beach is the Java Sea, but the waves were not huge like the south coast of Java island. So it is safe to travel and be a settlement.

Takisung Beach is a tourist attraction with views of the stunning beach with fresh fish trade activities as well as dried fish directly from the fishermen.

As a tourist attraction, could be classified Takisung Beach are breathtaking sights overlooking the beach surrounded by palm trees with brown sand like sea water (for identification of water, which is obtained from observations belonging to 9 pH alkaline water with a temperature of 250C and water flow rate of 1927 rpm, while the brightness level of the water by 32 cm), There are many markets that sell snacks typical of the coast, ranging from salted fish, ornate scallops, shrimp, fish, until the coral reef up directly from the fishermen. Even the local government of Tanah Laut regency continues build up this attraction through the construction of a number of public facilities that do not possess other coastal attractions. Among them, shelter, a permanent stage, restaurants, and lodging.

Here you can watch the sunset lighthouse lamp also during the afternoon. Takisung to the beach to get through two pathways, namely the route through the city and the track passes Pelaihari Sari Island. If the passing Pelaihari, already common anyway, after sub - Bati Bati, from Banjarmasin about 2 hours’ drive. So, don’t miss visit Takisung Beach when you are come in Banjarmasin.

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