Sultan Adam Forest Park

Sultan Adam Forest Park (Read Indonesian: Taman Hutan Raya Sultan Adam or abbreviated as “Tahura”) or also known as Tahura Sultan Adam is one of forest area located in Banjarmasin. Situated in Mandiangin village, Karangan Intan district, Banjar regency, South Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Tahura Sultan Adam Mandiangin is one of the tourist attractions in South Kalimantan which offers natural beauty mountain. Sultan Adam Forest Park is located approximately 55 km from the city of Banjarmasin, or about 15 kilometers from the city of Banjar Baru, the capital of Banjar. The site can be accessed by using two-wheelers and four-wheel vehicles.

A forest measuring 112,000 hectares and located in two districts, Banjar and Tanah Laut, has been set as the Grand Forest Park of Indonesia under a Presidential Decree No. 52 of 1989. Tahura Sultan Adam consists of several areas, including the Riam Kanan Protected Forest covering an area of 55,000 hectares, the Kinain Buakcovering an area of 13,000 hectares, the Pelaihari Wildlife Reserve in Martapura covering an area of 36,400 hectares.

Since 1990, Tahura Sultan Adam that was established in order to preserve rare animals and plants, a place of research, as well as tourism object, has been managed by an institution centered in Mandiangin, Banjar. On this location, we can find an inscription of the establishment of Tahura Sultan Adam signed by President Suharto.

Tahura Sultan Adam as tourism object in Kalimantan offers various attraction which suitable to be used as a place of relaxing, you can enjoy the Lake Riam Kanan measuring 8,000 hectares. In the middle of the lake is found an island of pine trees measuring 3 hectares and an island of Bukit Batas.

Tahura Sultan Adam area also offers various other attractions, like the Surian waterfall, Batu Kumbang waterfall, Mandin Sawa waterfall, and Bagugur waterfall located in the Tabatan upstream. The area also provides an area of 6 hectares campsite located in Bangkal Awang, Karang Intan, Banjar district. You might have satisfied if you are visiting this tourism object with very cheap the ticket price variable depending on the type and age of visitors.

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