Bakut Island Nature Park

Bakut Island Nature Park has been designated as a natural park of Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan. The total area is about 18 hectares, 700 meters length and 250 meters width. This area is inhabited by plants and animals that are adaptive to the ups and downs. The island is settled in Barito river stream and crossed by one of the longest bridge in Indonesia, Barito Bridge.

Bakut island object tourism is not as popular as Kembang islnd tourist spot or other nature tourist spots, but its location to Banjarmasin city is near and can be reached either by road or water had make these place as an alternative release stress from the routine of busy daily work.

To reach Bakut Island, the nature tourist destination, you could use a private vehicle or public transportation. If you use a private vehicles from Banjarmasin, you can directly go to the dock which is right under the Barito bridge. But for those of you who use public transportation, you can ride a public transportation to the Induk Handil Bakti bus station then continued with local taxi named Anjir and stop before going up to Barito Bridge. Then you must charter Kelotok (traditional raft). Here we will be invited to enjoy around the island to observe birds, proboscis monkey, insects and others wildlife.

The flora and fauna that can be found in Bakut Island Natural Park, includiing; Jingah (Glutha rengas), Rambai (Soneratia caseolaris), Hyacinths, Putat (Barringtonia sp), Piyai (Acrostichum aureum), and others ups and downs plants. Often seen expanse of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on the coast of the island. While animals such as proboscis monkey, monkeys, squirrels, dragons, various species of birds and insects and snakes.

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