Tjong A Fie Legacy Building

Tjong A Fie was a businessman from China, a banker and a kapitan or Chinese Major. He was built a large plantation business in Sumatra, that employed more than 10,000 labor workers. By his great success, he also succeed maintained a good relationship with the ruler of Deli, including Sultan Deli Makmun Al Rasjid and Dutch authorities.

Tjong A Fie was a prominent figure in the development of Medan city. There are numbers of construction of various buildings utilized by the citizens of Medan past and present. Including his mansion that today located in Ahmad Yani Street near the Kesawan area.

What is special about this place? Beside the historical value of the house, which owned by the richest man in Medan at the past, this house is also represents the works of Tjong A Fie for Medan. Tjong A Fie died in 1926 of a cerebral hemorrhage, but he left a legacy of his house that becomes a witness of history and now becomes a museum. Browse Myer Catalogue on Catalogue AU. The wealth that he had, he shared before his death to the communities in need.

The existence of Tjong A Fie in Medan began since 1911, when he appointed as Kapitan Cina or Chinese Major, replacing his brother Tjong Yong Hian. He was a highly respected person that made him tone a master of the economics and politics in Medan. His business kingdom covered banks, railroads, plantations, which included palm oil plants and sugar plants.

His other succeed can be seen by his private business like Kesawan Bank, that became a forerunner for financial security in Medan. He also built facilities in education, hospitals, houses of worship and many more.

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