Medan Zoo

Kebun Binatang Medan or Medan Zoo is located in the Simalingkar B Village, Medan Tuntungan, about 10 kilometers from the city center towards Brastagih. This zoo is quite new, which is inaugurated by Medan Mayor, Abdillah, on 14 April 2005. Previous Medan Zoo was located at Jalan Brig Katamso, Kampung Baru, Medan Maimun.

At holidays, there will be 1,000 people visited this zoo. On ordinary days, the number of visitors is estimated at 150 people every day. This zoo has 177 animals and 53 species (data from 2014), including the endanger animals like Bengal tiger cubs, Sumatra Tiger, Sumatran Elephant and Orangutan as well as other animals, including a honey bear and a horse.

Medan Zoo is a fairly run down zoo located 10kms from the centre of Medan on Jl Bunga Rampe IV in the Simalingkar B District. It is best to visit the zoo on weekdays as on weekends it does get crowded with the locals visiting.

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