‘Lake Above the Lake’, These Are Interesting Facts About Sidihoni on Samosir Island

Lake Toba is indeed a favorite tourist destination when visiting North Sumatra. The charm of beauty offered in this lake area is indeed never ending to be explored. One of them is the uniqueness of the ‘lake above the lake’. This nickname is familiar to local people and tourists when mentioning Lake Sidihoni, which is in the Lake Toba area.

This lake is located on Samosir Island, which is an island in the middle of Lake Toba. That’s why, this lake nicknamed is the ‘lake above the lake’. Here are interesting facts about Lake Sidihoni on Samosir Island.

5 Hectare Area
Lake Sidihoni has about 5 hectares area. Although it looks very small compared to Lake Toba, this lake is said to deep enough so that visitors are not advised to bathe here.

Formerly Forest and Swamp Area
Before becoming a lake as it is now, it is said that Sidihoni was once a forest and swamp area. Because the existing trees continue to be cut down, causing the land around it to slide. Over time, the location turned into a sunken and filled with water until it became a lake it is today.

Experienced Drought Three Times
Although it has a deep bottom, Lake Sidihoni has experienced drought during the dry season. The drought happened three times.

Become a Source of Life for Local People
Lake Sidihoni is an important water source for the surrounding community. This lake is often used by the community to meet their daily needs, especially if Samosir hit by drought.


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