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Medan was one the site of a battlefield between the Aceh people and the neighbouring Deli Kingdom. [More...]

Lake Toba - Parapat

The town of Pa apat is the main tourist resort and lies on the very shore of famous Lake Toba. [More...]

Great Bukit Barisan Forest Park

Located at Tongkoh village, in the district of the Karo highlands, approximately 59 km from Medan. Formerly TaLura Bukit Barisan since 1916, known for its location called "Arboretum Tongkoh- ' Berastagi", however since 1989 renovated and renamed Great Bukit Barisan Forest Park. [More...]

Crocodile Farm

Medan has the largest crocodile farm in Indonesia. Here one can see how the crocodile eggs are hatched, and then reared somewhere else.[More...]


This places is for the adventurous, accesible through SUMATRAs inland wilderness, crossing rivers and going over steep hills. [More...]


Berastagi, a tourist town is another lovely town located in the Karo highlands. The town is known fomts plantations and various kinds of flowers vegetables and fruit most famous of which is the "Marquisa" passion frult. [More...]


Jangga is a village of native Bataks, located in the hills, on the main road to other Batak communities living separately there, like Lumban Nabolon village, Tonga-Tonga Sirait Uruk village [More...]

Sipiso-piso Waterfall and Tongging

Tongging is a place to see a waterfall surrounded by beautiful sights in cool mauntain air. It is 24 km from Kaban jahe, located at the north side of Lake Toba. The 360 feet waterfall is visible from a gazebo at one of the tops of the hills.[More...]

Pematang Siantar

Pematang Siantar is the second largest city, Iying 128 km to the South of Medan. On the way, you will pass through many rubber, cocoa, palm oil, tobacco and tea plantations.[More...]

Pandan Beach

A seaside resort with white sandy beaches where a fishing village can be found 11 km from Sibolga.[More...]

South Tapanuli

It lies in the southern part of North Sumatra, bordering the provinces of West Sumatra and Riou. This region has a population of approximately 900.000. It lies on the way to West Sumatra overland.[More...]

Nias Island

This island lies off West Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. The villages of Bawomataluo and Hilisimae are curions places to visit, where visitors can see performances of traditional war-dances and thrilling high-jump sports, i.e. people making dangerous leaps over 2 meter-high stones.[More...]

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