Parapat Town

Parapat, also known as Prapat, is a small town that becomes one of tourist destinations on the shores of Lake Toba, it precisely located in the district of Simelungun, North Sumatra. Parapat town is about 48 km from Pematangsiantar, with a travel time of between 45 minutes to 1 hour by using public buses. While distance from Parapat city to Medan city is approximately 180 km to the distance between the 4-5 hour drive.

When you visit Parapat, make the time circling this small town. There are many sights that are so interesting to be visited. Besides, you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the city, Parapat is also save so many unique architecture and beautiful old buildings.

In this area, there is an ancient building that is still standing firmly on the tip of the peninsula in very steep cliffs. The building is a silent witness to the long history of the struggle of Indonesia. This is where the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno, on January 1, 1949 was exiled by the Dutch. This building was built in 1820. The rest house measuring 10 mx 20 m was surrounded yard of 2 hectares. The neoclassical architectural style is really materialized in the building, and it adds the beauty of Parapat City. If the weather is sunny, this building is clearly visible from the setting of the sun.

Looking around the Prapat city, we can see that the architectural style of the buildings in the town of Parapat is the harmonization of the three elements of architecture of traditional, modern, and tropical. In addition to architectural tours, Parapat also rich in natural potential, spiritual tourism, historical tours, to culinary. The coolness of this small town will make you linger around the city to enjoy the exoticism that offers.

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