Pandan Beach

Pandan beach is located on the coast of Sibolga, administratively included in Desa Pandan, Pandan Subdistrict, Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

Since the Central Tapanuli secede from Sibolga and become independent district, the local tourism started to maintained and the focus starts from Pandan area as its capital. Now the facilities such as hotels and hawker centers began to be built for tourists. Pandan is a beautiful beach with clear blue water and shady trees. The sand is very fine, playing around the beach with bare feet can be an interesting option, or cycling around the coast and sunbathing under the sun will perfect your day.

The waves in Pandan Beach is small, the water is calm throughout the year because this beach is geographically located in a bay. The waves roll malignant from Indonesia Ocean weakened when it arrived at Pandan Beach.

However, there is an interesting story about the local culture. Because the location of Sibolga and Central Tapanuli closely with the border of West Sumatra, the everyday residents are also affected. Batak language is spoken mixed up with Minang language, and it generating new and unique accent when it heard.

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