Hillpark Sibolangit

Hillpark Sibolangit is a place that you must visit if you travel to the city of Medan. Hillpark Sibolangit is a themepark that located in Sibolangit and it claimed to be the largest in the island of Sumatra. It divided into three themes: Lost City, toon town, and Heritage. The are some existing vehicle such as Roller Coaster (Extravagance), Ferries Wheel (Ferris wheel), 4D theater, and amphiteathre with the capacity of 1,200 for shows and concerts. Looking at the place, this Park is similar to Dufan in Jakarta, or the existing Trans Studio in Makassar and Bandung. But in contrast to Dufan, Hillpark is has smaller area. The name of Hillpark is taken for the location that settled in Sibolangit mountains, where the journey takes around one hour by car from Medan.

The amusement playground in Hillpark Sibolangit are:

1. The Heritage, it has the feel of a magnificent castle. The architecture buildings such as castles make you like a prince or princess. It consisting of indoor games and carnival games. There is also Souvenier Shop, Floor projection games, Comedy swivel, Ombang - ambing, bombs, Bumper boats, etc. Here, we can also watch movies with 4D technology.

2. The Lost City, it has the feel of the ancient architecture of ancient rocks with dinosaur skeleton. In this zone there are a variety of fun games like Extravagance (Rooler Coaster) and Windmills Giant (Ferries Wheel), Extravagance (will test your adrenaline), Giant mill, Telecombat, Space Shuttle, Train Hillpark. Foods: Lost City Food Court.

3. Toon Town, it has the nuance of children or toddler (cartoons). In this theme, there are many exciting rides or typical game such as: tornado, Mini BomBom, Ajut-Ajut, Propeller, Battery Car, Mini Mill, Crazy Taxi, tulalit. Foods: Toon town Foodcourt.

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