Jangga Village

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of the natural countryside that largely untouched by the modern world? Come and experience the traditional Batak tribe that lives in a village in the charming hillside. It is Jangga village, the traditional Batak tribe village in a mountain edge of Simanuk-manuk, Lumban Julu, Toba Samosir regency, North Sumatra.

In the village of Jangga, you can meet and get to know the original Batak with their unique cultures that still thrive today. This traditional Batak tribe village is located about 24 km from the famous Lake Toba.

Jangga village is famous by the beautiful Ulos cloth that woven by the women around the rural area. We can See the village women weave the Ulos in front of their house. For Batak people, Ulos plays an important role in traditional Batak society and it used not only as clothing but also used for the traditional events such as birth, death and marriage.

At this village, you will find a row of traditional houses, cultural and historical attractions, such as the remnants of Batak kings for centuries ago, including the King Tambun and king Manurung monuments. Jangga village situated on the edge of Mount Simanuk-Manuk, Lumban Julu, Kabupeten Toba Samosir, North Sumatra, about 24 km from Lake Toba.

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