Lau Kawar Lake

Lau Kawar Lake is one of the lakes in the Leuser area. Lau Kawar Lake has blue waters with charming sightseeing and it lies at the foot of Sinabung Mountain.

To get to Lau Kawar Lake, we can take it from the Medan to Brastagih. The distance is about 30 Km from the City Berastagi or it takes about 1 hour, passing through Kabanjahe – Kuta Rakyat, then we will arrive at Lau Kawar Lake, Naman Teran sub- District, Karo District, North Sumatra. When we reach from Medan, Law Kawar lake is located approximately 69 Km with a distance about 3 hours.

By having 200 Ha area and being compared to Lake Toba, this lake is only 1/6 of Lake Toba, but the charm just the same. Lau Kawar is the entrance to the Sinabung Mountain. Where on the right side of the lake lies Deleng Lancuk or Lancuk Hill where used to be a tracking place; there are a lot of forest orchids that can be found in Deleng Lancuk.

On the left side of Lau Kawar Lake, there is camping ground area of about 3 hectares; this is where the hikers set up their tent before climbing Mount Sinabung. On every Saturday and Sunday, the camping ground is crowded with tents nature, for at least 200-400 tents stood at the camping ground every week, especially if the semester breaks, the number could increase.

Every day, local people fishing with small boats on this lake. Generally, they come back when the sun went down. The scenic of the fishermen's return at dusk adds the exoticism that can be enjoyed by visitors at Lau Kawar Lake.

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