Tolukko Fort

Fort Tolukko was originally a Portuguese-made structure which controls almost all of the spice trade in Ternate during 16th century. A Portuguese army commander named Francisco Serraow was built a fort with the name of St. Lucas as a defense fort, as well as a storage centers for Ternate genuine spice. The fort is located at very strategic place because it is very close to the water areas and also settled on the hilltop that is high enough and it can be the perfect place to monitor all the movements that occur in Ternate Sultanate Palace.

But after the resistance of Ternate people under the leadership of Sultan Ternate Baabullah, then Portuguese rule was ended in 1577. Since then, Fort St. Lucas was controlled by Sultanate of Ternate until finally the Dutch came and conquered the fort and renamed it as Fort Hollandia. This fort was later restored in 1610 and turned into one of the Dutch defense in Ternate. Furthermore, based on several cooperation agreements between the government of VOC and the Sultanate of Ternate, in 1661 the Sultan of Ternate named Mandar Syah given permission to occupy Fort Hollandia with personnel about 160 people.

The name of Tolukko is also interesting to be found. One story said that the name of this Tolukko being used since one of the Sultan of Ternate named Kaicil Tolukko reigned in 1692. Other sources mention that the name is a modification from the original name, St. Lucas. It difficult for the people said Santo Lucas, and then make Ternate people said Tolukko.

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