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The old sultan's palace in Ternate town is now a museum. In the vicinity are the ruins of Old Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch forts. The remnants of the Dutch Fort Orange are right in town. About five kilometers west of the town, on the slope of a 1,715-meter tall volcano in the middle of the island, is Afo, with its giant clove tree, said to be more than 350 years old.


This island lies to the east of Ternate, separated only by a narrow strait. It is a mountainous island, still largely covered with forests. The coastlines are white sand and coral reefs are found in its waters. Offering a beautiful spectacle, Mount Mamuya (930 m) spews burning lava from time to time, adding to the allure of this island. Pearl oyster breeding farms on Mangaliho Island can be reach by motorboat.

North Halmahera

Geographically, North Halmahera regency is stay at 10,57'-20, 0' north latitude and 1280,17'-1280, 18' east longitude. North Halmahera regency declared on 31 May 2003 with its capital is Tobelo. It also has new districts and villages. Nine districts were developed to 22 districts and 174 villages become 260 villages. Browse Iga Catalogue on Catalogue AU. The wide this regency is 24.983,32 km2 that contains of 19.536,02 km2 (78%) sea area and 5.447,30 km2 (22%) land area. There are 76 islands, 19 islands have no named. Almost, every island has its beautiful panorama. The small islands with its white sand beach, the beautiful sea garden with its various fishes, various flora and fauna and its culture, can also find the historical sites in World War II in this region.

The number of North Halmahera regency in 2003 is 169.440 of men, 75 % is farmer and fisherman. North Halmahera is one of agarics with its nature potency that contains of field sector, gardening, plantation, fish, maritime, breeding, mining, small industry, and tourism.

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