Nusa Ra Beach

Nusa Ra is a small beach in Nusa Ra island, and this is one of small islands around Bacan Island. Anyway, the word Nusa in local language means land and Ra mean big. This place is always visited by tourist that want have some times to do snorkeling. We can rent speedboat to reach this location from Labuha port, and it takes 15 minutes drive.

Administratively, Nusa Ra is settled in south Halmahera. This beach is stunning by the lining up of coconut trees and small waves and breezy air. Having fun at this beach will bring great experience, while enjoy it with best friends and family. We can play at the super fine white sandy beach while playing around catching the waves and enjoy the tropical wind. Because it located in south Halmahera, we can find calm waves that perfect for doing snorkeling, canoeing and swimming.

Moreover, the rich coral reefs along the shore will also give dramatic nuance and uniqueness over the bluish atmosphere from bright sky and clear sea water. The gigantic coconut trees adding some beautiful panorama and refreshing the sights.

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