Cobo Beach

Cobo beach is a located in Cobo bay, precisely at Cabodoe sub-district. This beach is located 18 kilometers north of the city. In the vicinity of this beach we can see the lined hills with greenish forest that seems wonderful along the bay beach.

From Pantai Cobo, we can see the other islands in the north Tidore like the island of Halmahera and Sidangoli. Another thing that is not less interesting is the view when the sun rises and sets that clearly visible on this beach. Moreover, we can witness the activities from local people as fishermen and the local wisdom that still held till this day.

This beach has very fine sand beach, just like walking along the velvet mat. Unfortunately, the genuine place at this beach is not completed with proper facilities like toilet and stalls. Yet, we can do so much activity for fun like swimming, diving and snorkeling, but we have to prepare the equipment by ourselves, since there is no rental equipment available here. Cobo beach is perfect for family vacation and having fun with pack of best friends.

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