Jembatan Batu Waterfall

Jembatan Batu Waterfall is one of natural attractions that located approximately six kilometers to the west of Mede Village, North Halmahera, Maluku province. This ten-meter high waterfall that located in the area of Mede forest has something significant, which the rock is shaped like a natural stone bridge that settled around the waterfall. This is interesting and those who visit this place are always enchanting by the view.

The rocks that resemble the natural stone bridge, there are trees that covering most of the surfaces, that make it looks more solid. For the nature lover who love hiking, this place is one of the places that worth visiting to conquer the steep of rocky walls.

Although it looks easy but for those who are not familiar with rock climbing will certainly have difficulty conquering this stone wall. Besides constrained by steep cliffs, the humidity of the rocks are also becomes obstacle in reaching the top of the cliffs. Yet, those difficulties will soon be paid off when we reached the top of the cliff that presenting the beauty of natural panorama. To go to this waterfall, we can reach from Tobelo town. Tourists can go to west by using private vehicles or rental vehicles.

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