Tagalaya Beach

In Tobelo, North Maluku, there is a beautiful island which totally promoted by the government; Tagalaya island. The island of Tagalaya is giving cleaning water as glass and natural view like paintings. The beauty of Eastern Indonesia is never getting enough to be discussed. We all agree that Maluku have dozen islands and hundreds of wonderful beaches. The beach and island in Ambon, Ternate, Halmahera and the others surely can interest thousand tourists to visit and enjoy the natural charming.

An island in Tobelo wills totally teasing you. Its sea water is very clear, which can support you to see the coral reefs on your boat, without diving. Don’t lose yourself to jump and swim.

It needs about 20 minutes to reach the island from Tobelo port. The trip can take by a traditional boat or speedboat. Surely you can save your time by speedboat, but the trip will feel fun if you using traditional boat. While you enjoying the marine beauty of Maluku, you can also acquainted the local peoples by make some chat with the boat owner.

Stretch of white sands becomes a welcome gift in Tagalaya Island. The calm water will ease you to swimming or snorkeling. There are also beautiful coral reefs in the northern of the island.

Jump into the water and enjoy its undersea beauty with your own eyes. The cluster of coral reef and marine biota will you, surrounding out of the island. These beautiful servings are not too deep, only in 2 – 10 meters. This marine park is clean and well-maintained, really pampering your eyes.

Mangrove trees on the beach will be a perfect complement for beautiful scenery. Its green leaves will suit the blue color of the sky and sea. The spreading black roots become a home for crabs and shells.

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