Benteng Kota Janji

Benteng Kota Janji or the city of promise fortress is one of historical fort that was become a witness place that being used for a peace treaty between Sultan Khairun with the Portuguese governor at the time. Historically, the fortress was built in 1532 by the Portuguese and being named as San Jao Fort. However, due to the murder of Sultan Khairun of Ternate, the Portuguese were expelled from Ternate by Ternate Sultanate, who was led by Sultan Babullah in 1575. The fort was then occupied by Spanish troops that led by Governor Don Pedro de Acuna from Manila in 1606 who wanted to master Ternate Island.

This fort is located in Ngade street, Laguna Hamlet,Fitu Village, South Ternate district. This fort is settled at the edge of the main street that heading to Ternate city from the south.

In 1610, this fort was strengthened by Spanish by placing 27 soldiers and 20 soldiers from Philippines, complete with 6 canons and its ammunition. The name of this fort then became Santo Pedro Y Paulo for honor Pedro Governor. At that time, the function of this fort was used as monitoring Ternate and Tidore waters, and also as a military base. When the tide is low, the Spanish armada that been cruished to Philippines can settled at south shore in this fort.

This fort has trapezium for 20 x 20 and it stand along the land of 2.147,25 m2 and lies in 50 m above sea level. This fort was once a huge fort and today we just can see the pieces of it. The only part of the fort that can be found today is the outer wall that been made by andesite, coral and mixing of sand and lime. Meanwhile, the inner part is buried by soil.

Today this fort is famous as Benteng Kota Janji bacause of the agreement that been made between Sultan Khairun and Portuguese Governor, Diego Lopes de Muspito. Unfortunately, the portuguese broke the agreement and had murder the Sultan at Kartela Fort, that not far from the location.

In 2004, this fort had rehabilitation, but only to save some area that become cultiural heritage to preetify the area for tourims destination. Some of fences are built around the fort and garden, while the origin shape of the fort is no longer seen.

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