Laguna Lake

This beautiful lake is located in Ngade village, 18km south of Ternate in North Maluku Province. Although the official name is Laguna Lake, it is also often called Ngade Lake as the location is near Ngade village. This lake offers you an astonishing view of what beauty nature has to offer. It is ideal for those who need to relax from the craziness of city life. You will be impressed by the landscape and the lake's panorama, blue water surrounded by green lush hills and mountains. The water in the lake is calm making it ideal for swimming. Local people use the lake to breed fish and water their gardens. You can also try and see if you can catch something.

You can take a flight to Ternate's Babullah Airport. At the Airport, you can rent a car to take you to Laguna Lake that will take 40 minutes and would cost IDR 100,000 - IDR 150,000.

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