Sonyine Malige Museum

Sonyine Malige is the only museum in Tidore. At this museum, we can see many historical goods that being placed as collections. Those things are the heritages from Tidore sultanate. As we know, Tidore is one of areas that producing spices from ancient time and become the strugling are between Portuguese, Spain and Netherland.

At this museum, there is Mahkota Berambut or hairy crown from Tidore sultanate that been believed that the attach hair in the crown is always growing annually. Hence, in every Idul Adha night there will be ritual to cut the hair that will be held for seven days in a row. Urban legend said that these sacred crows can be defining the perfect prince to be next sultan of Tidore.

This museum was built in an area for about 800 m2 with building area around 300 m2. The collections that we can see here is about the sultan throne, Tempolong, Ketur or a bowl for sultan’s spit, Sultanate royal cloth, sultanate stamp, weapon and armor, Tidore ancient handicraft, pottery, traditional house, blacksmith equipment, hunting equipment and many more. Moreover, there is the oldest Koran in Tidore with handwriting letter.

There is onmee sacred room to keep the Hairy Crown, and that room is not open for public; even when sultan and the queen is in the place, they have to ask permission to enter the room.

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